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Topic : Conveyor belt trouble shooting

Problem Most likely cause Likely cause
Belt runs to one side Build-up on idlers Sticking idlers
Section runs to one side Join not square Bowed belt
Belt runs to one side Install training idlers Off centre loading
Runs off at tail pulley Install training idlers Material spillage
Runs off at head pulley Worn lagging Material spillage
Belt slip Insufficient traction Worn lagging
Belt slip on starting Insufficient traction Counterweight too light
Excessive stretch Improper installation Counterweight in wrong position
Stripping of top cover Incorrect skirt boards Spanking due to load impact
Excessive top cover wear Misaligned return rolls Cover quality too low
Excessive pulley cover wear Sticking idlers Slippage on drive pulley
Grooving of bottom cover Sticking idlers Material spillage
Covers harden / crack Heat or chemical damage Improper storage / handling
Cover swells in spots Oil or grease contamination
Belt failure at fasteners Fastener plate too long Wrong fastener type
Splice separation Improper splice Pulleys too small
Excessive edge wear Off centre loading Material spillage
Transverse breaks at edge Edges folding on structure Improper transition from trough
Short breaks in carcass Impact of material on belt Material between belt & pulley
Ply separation Insufficient transverse stiffness Pulleys too small
Carcass fatigue at idler junction Improper transition from trough Severe convex vertical curve
Cover blisters, sand blisters Fine cuts in covers Oil or grease contamination
Belt cupping – new belt Excessive cover gauge ratio
Belt cupping – old belt Oil or grease contamination Heat or chemical damage