Specialists in Conveyor and Transmission Belting, Hose, Instrumentation, Sealing and Valves



On/off Controllers & Heating and air-conditioning controllers


Frost monitoring

Dew – point monitoring

Pressure Switches


Temperature Sensors

Room – temperature controllers

Radiation temperature sensors

IAQ sensors (Air quality)

Air flow & Pressure sensors

Single room, heating and laboratory controllers

Heating controllers

Ventilation and air –conditioning controller

Pneumatic room – pressure controllers

Pneumatic humidity transducer

VAV compact controllers


Unit Valves

Regulating valves

Pressure – relieved valve

Dynamic regulating valves

Regulating Ball valves

Control valves

Butterfly valves

2 – way valves

3 – way valves

Male thread

Female thread


Actuators & Drives

 Actuators for:

Unit valves

Regulating valves

Control valves

Ball valves

Butterfly valves

Type and action of Actuators

Spring return

Non spring return

With Safety function

Electrical Actuators

Damper Actuators

Rotary Actuators

Pneumatic actuators