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Sealing Sponge

Sealing Sponge


Sealing of joints for fluids or gasses.

The closed cell construction makes it ideal for packaging, gaskets, strips and expansion joints.

Expanded closed cell EVA sponge. The closed cell construction makes it ideal for Strips and Sealing.

Closed Cell SBR

Styrene Butadiene Rubber – closed cell expanded rubber, is used for sealing as it has good memory to retain its sealing properties. SBR has good resistance to air and UV, this is ideal for use in indoor and outdoor sealing applications.

SBR is good for use in anti vibration applications.

Closed Cell EPDM

Ethylene Propylene Dyene Monomer – closed cell expanded rubber, has good weather resistant properties.

Sealing applications are for indoor and outdoor use.

Closed Cell Neoprene

As SBR and EPDM perFom1 poor in oily applications we include Neoprene Sponge tor these situations.

Neoprene is self-extinguishing and can handle higher temperature applications.

Sponge Gaskets

Sponge gaskets can be produced in many shapes.

Sponge can be supplies with or without self adhesive strips.

Sealing Strip

Closed-cell expanded EVA sponge with self adhesive strip is suitable tor boots, doors, canopies ect. On automotive and marine applications.

Great sound dampener