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A wide range of mechanical flow meters for cold and hot water applications.

Sizes ranging from 15mm to 500mm diameter pipe sizes.

Domestic meters

Single jet dry dial

Single jet sealed register

Multi-jet sealed register

Multi-jet dry dial

Positive displacement rotary piston dry dial

Single jet dry dial Super dry design).

Industrial meters (batch meters)

Manual Type

Inferential, multi jet type

Woltmann, axial helix type

Semi Automatic Type

Inferential, multi jet type

Woltmann, axial helix type

Pules Emitter

Inductive Pulse Emitter

Direct Pulse output

Radio Arrow Module

M Bus Module

Bulk & Irrigation meters

Bulk water meters

Horizontal Woltmann water meter

Vertical Woltmann water meter

Combined Woltmann water meter (positive displacement second meter)

Single jet water meter

Irrigation water meters

Automated water meter/flow limiter

Water meter/flow limiter

Self-cleaning type water meter

Tangential water meter

Modulating flow limiter

 Hydrant gate valve

Hydraulic irrigation valve