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Ultraflux time of flight ultrasonic, non-intrusive, clamp-on devices are used to measure flow in pipe diameters from

10mm to 10 000mm with a high degree of accuracy – independently certified meters have achieved accuracies better

than 0.1% of actual flow. Easy installation and no maintenance ensure the ultimate solution to flow measurement.

Product Range:



Clamp on flow meters

10mm to 10000mm

Single chord

Dual Chord

Dual Pipe units

Multi pipe 1 to 4 pipes (or 2 dual)


dual calorimeter

8 chord single pipe


Open Channel/half full pipes

up to 30m and Rivers up to 500m

1 to 8 channel

1 to 8 chords

Gas flow:

10mm to 1500mm

Single channel

Dual channel

Dual chord

1 to 4 chords

Speed measurement

up to 50m

Interface ,pig and sphere detectors:

100mm to 1500 mm



Explosion-proof enclosure

19’’ rack option

Portable flow meters:

10mm to 10000mmSingle chord

Dual Chord

Dual Pipe units


dual calorimeter

Portable Interface ,pig and sphere detectors:

100mm to 1500 mm

ProbesClamp-on probes

Insertion probes

Wetted probes