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BEP Amanzi

BEP AmanziPlastic water meters.

Meters Class C in-line Mechanical Water


BEP Amanzi – Meters Boxes

Surface Meter Box

  • Meter box height: 175mmInside face-to-face length: 325mm.
  • Meter box bottom width: 193mm
  • Meter box opening width: 270mm x 124mm
  • Locking device: can be fitted
  • Base plate: fitted, with slots on each side to allow water drainage in case of flooding
  • Inlet/outlet connections: ¾” male thread (other options possible)


Above Ground Meter Box

  • Meter box height: 821mm
  • Meter box width: 120mm
  • Locking device: lid fitted with locking devices, one on each side.
  • Base plate: fitted
  • Segments: the top white segment can be assembled with locking devices to enable its removal; this will make working in the inside pipe easier when the box is installed.
  • Inlet/outlet connections: ¾” female thread (other options possible)

BEP AmanziSmart Metering

The AMSS is an integrated system of smart meters, communication networks and data management systems, enabling two-way communication between utilities and customers. It uses bi-directional, ultra-low-power radio networks, integrated with GPRS and/or satellite to allow the reading of meters as well as to control of the iMvubu valve (open/close/restrict) from a remote office


  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) is well suited for gated communities and complexes wanting to control their water, as well as for utilities wanting an advanced system that allows remote control, including open/close and restriction. Satellite communication is available in collaboration with a supplier who has been providing solutions to the Department of Water Affairs and SANDF for the past 12 years.
  • AMSS operates in the ISM 868MHz licence-free bandwidth and does not pose any health hazards due to electromagnetic emissions. AMSS is a true AMI system with advanced functionality not requiring electricity connections. A long-life battery can be replaced in the field to ensure an extended life span of the equipment. The system can effectively be used for credit control, meter reading and billing, service suspension and reconnection as well as leak detection